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David Mears designs and optimises web sites. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for the success of a web site and whilst not a complex task it needs to be carried out over time and using specific, correct techniques to avoid damaging your web site position in SERPs.

David Mears can assess your existing web site regarding optimisation and recommend methods of optimisation for you to undertake or work for you freelance as a search engine optimisation consultant and web site optimiser.


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The Need for a Freelance SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation) Consultant

An article by David Mears

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation (also spelt optimization depending on your country of origin) is the key process of increasing and improving traffic quality and volume to your web site by achieving top ten positions in search engine reports pages (SERPs). The results of effective search engine optimisation is an improvement of your web site or URL position in what is known as organic or natural search results in the search engine reports pages (also know as SERPs irrelevant of your Country of origin). The general belief being that the higher your web site appears in the search engine reports pages the more people will visit your site, thus resulting in increased business for you. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be used to target different types of searches such as local searches, images searches and industry specific searches.

Search Engine Optimisation considerations should ideally commence at the web site planning stage, before any aesthetics or content is created or written. A professional SEO Consultant often starts the process by identifying with the Client the keywords and/or key-phrases that users will enter into the search engines to find the intended web site. Various tools are used to identify relevant keywords and to gauge how often users enter those keywords over a given period. Professional SEO Consultants should never advocate or use what are know as ‘black hat’ techniques or other methods which may once have been used to fool the search engine algorithms into thinking a site is relevant to a certain key where in fact it was not. Nowadays the search engines are wise to these techniques and on discovering them within a web site will consider the site as spam will can have a very detrimental effect on your organic results ranking.

As a professional freelance web site designer and search engine optimisation consultant I am able to work with clients to select the right keywords for them and thereafter create a web site that is created in such a way as to be effectively optimised thereafter.

Now I’m not going to make out that SEO or search engine optimisation is incredibly complicated – it isn’t. It is however very time consuming and needs to be carried out in a methodical way over time. Search engine optimisation is not a quick fix to increase your organic result position; SEO needs to be considered as part of your ongoing marketing campaign. Whilst indeed it’s not difficult to carry out in essence, carrying it out correctly and effectively should be left to professional search engine optimisation consultants.

It is worth remembering that search engine optimisation is not a guarantee of a high result placement – there are many factors which affect organic results such as the maturity of a URL, whether it is a .com, .org, .co.uk or other type of URL etc. We’ve all received the faxes claiming a guaranteed number 1 position in Google within 48 hours. Well, that may be the case if you spend large amounts of money on purchasing a sponsored link (which research has shown most people ignore and instead go to the top of the organic search results). And sponsored links only last for as long as you can afford them, and then you’ll potentially disappear from trace. Also you should consider the fact that search engine optimisation has taken place since the 1990s and there are many long established, content rich web sites in existence which are owned by blue chip organisations who have large budgets to spend on web site development. I wonder how a new petroleum company would fair in attempting to reach the top organic position in Google when users search for ‘Petrol Company’.

Web site content should be a marriage of content for users to enjoy and find useful and which is optimised for the search engines. We must remember that the sole purpose of the major search engines is to provide users with relevant web sites with content they intended to find, thus it follows that web sites that are well written and content rich with the right type of content will be spidered by the search engines and delivered in the SERPS.

So in a nutshell, that is search engine optimisation or SEO or optimization – it’s not difficult but worth employing a professional freelance search engine optimisation consultant like David Mears to ensure that it is carried out effectively in order to improve and maintain your web site's position in the organic results in the SERPS and therein increase your business.

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